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I want to go to the sea, and that’s all I want.

3 Imperial Seaside Resorts

Ahlbeck   •   Heringsdorf   •   Bansin


And suddenly you’ve got a blue vastness in your view. Deep blue up to the horizon. Your thoughts already are on a journey, through the sea waves and sea foam and through the magnificent old villas, to a time gone by.



The Seaside Resorts Architecture villas are like dreams come true. Every single one is unique. And they’re a unmistakably an integrity though. And when the morning sun shines on them, their chic and glamourous history seems to be alive.



Take a deep breath of the salty air. Feel the wind on your skin. Feel free. Do things, that do good to you. And simply forget about time for once. Then here the time of your life is determined by the sea swoosh.

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