Active week

Active week

Already the Greeks knew about the healthful influence of the sea and its special climate on the health. The “3 Seaside Resorts” have got also another health source – the iodine brine. It is a four-percent iodine-brine-solution, which is extracted from a 408-meters deep well near the Heringsdorf pier. But it’s not only those natural healings which will boost your health in the “3 Seaside Resorts”. This “Active week”, with its many training proposals, will make again healthy and fit the tired souls and minds.

This 7-day prevention programme of the “Active week” is approved by the department “Zentrale Prüfstelle der Prävention” and it’s also certified and approved by the German Prevention Standards. That’s why it can be financed and supported by health insurance companies.

The “Active Week” in the “3 Seaside Resorts” contains:

  • Health check-ups and endurance tests
  • Trainings to reduce the lack of exercise
  • Trainings to reduce health risks through movement
  • Exercises to reduce stress
  • Seminars to avoid lack of nutrition or bad nutrition
  • Exercises related to your working place
  • Seminars of healthy lifestyle.

You can get further information about the programmes, accommodations, available dates under the number 0049 214 357690.


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