Seaside Resort Bansin

The northeast wind blows and swooshes over the crown of the pines. Since many centuries in the dunes they persistently withstand, in bizarre contortions, the storm of the sea. Nowhere in the Seaside Resorts the Baltic Sea nature and the Resort Architecture are so close to each other as in Bansin. The sea foam seems to be tangible. That’s because only in Bansin you can see the vast blue sea also when you’re strolling along the promenade.

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the Schloon lake, the life on the streets and in the numerous small cafes and bistros is young and snappy. It’s not a surprise: Bansin is the youngest among the Seaside Resorts. It was founded in 1897 straightway as a seaside resort. Also here you can notice many elegant villas and wooden houses. Along the promenade they’ve been built with a suitable interval from each other. That means that you’ve got a sea view also from the balconies and verandas from the second row of villas. Worldwide unique is the Bergstrasse. Nowhere else you may find so many preserved Resort Architecture villas.

Bansin was the first German Seaside Resort to receive the “Free Bathing Permission”. Since then bathers, after breakfast in their guesthouses, could wander directly through the promenade to the beach chair and amuse themselves in the Baltic Sea waves, wearing a one-piece swimwear. Before that, bathers were drawn in a bathing machine to separated sea sections. Still today you can see those obsolete bathing machines on the left and on the right side of the Bansin bandstand.

Bansin was the resort of the big stars of the German motion-picture production company UFA. Actors like Heinz Rühmann or Willi Fritsch met up with pleasure in the “Asgard” café or in the former noble hotel “Meeresstrand”. This town’s most famous son is with no doubt the writer Hans Werner Richter. He was the founder of the Gruppe 47, which members were inter alia Heinrich Böll, Siegfried Lenz, Marcel Reich-Ranicki and Günter Grass. The inhabitants of Bansin have set him up a memorial in the former fire station. Not far away from here Hans Werner Richter had spent his childhood. On the gable front of his parents’ house you can find the words “Villa” and “Paula” written in blue and below them the motto: “Whether East or West, at home is the best”. Maybe that’s why Richter has been attached during his whole life to his homeland.

A short walk and the sun goes down through the thick leaves of the beech forest, which leads you at the end of the locality to the Usedom’s cliff and to the Langer Berg hill. The hurly-burly on the beach is trailing off behind the large and old trunks. Only the sea still rolls its waves and it is like a remote remembrance of the beach below the cliff. It makes you forget the everyday stress and rush.

The three small villages Sellin, Alt-Sallenthin and Neu Sallenthin look really peacefully and they are just behind the back of the beautiful resort. Here you can still find thatched houses, which are really close to the shores of several lakes. Lake Gothensee, small and big lakes Krebssee, lake Schmollensee. And the noise of the far too fast life disappears in the ancient beech forests and oak forests, which surround them.

Tourist Information Office Bansin

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