From the fish sandwich to the salmon tartare…

Is there something more delicious than a fish sandwich with the sea swoosh in the ears and the view over its waves? It is a must for everyone, who stays at the Baltic Sea, even if it’s only for one day.

In the “3 Seaside Resorts” there are still fishers, who swim out in their wooden fishing boats in the Baltic Sea, before the sun even comes out from it. Their number has seriously decreased in the past years though. As the sun comes out and they pull the boats up the beach, you may observe these usually pretty taciturn men in their orange oilskins while shelling the fish. That’s because the fish from the morning catch are being processed immediately, so that at midday it can be smoked, marinated or eaten with gusto as a Bismarck or Matjes herring, or as fried fish, whatever someone likes,

in the many small fishing huts in the middle of the dunes. It’s impossible to enjoy fresher insular specialities and with more local flavour.

Besides many small, rustic and authentic restaurants with their tasty fish kitchen and appetizing home cooking, there are places, that will also tickle a gourmet’s palate. Around the Heringsdorf “Haus Kulm” are situated gourmets’ restaurants, with refined creations for your eyes and taste buds. It’s the same if it’s experimental, fond of spices or classical French cuisine – the cook’s guarantee for pure seduction are fresh and local ingredients and the love for food.



Cafe Röngten Kulinarik 3 Kaiserbädern Ahlbeck • Heringsdorf • Bansin

Indulge in a little Franco-German confectionery art. Gateaux, pastries and chocolates, all masterfully created by hand, await you at Café Röntgen in Ahlbeck. Enjoy the finest quality that Röntgen has to offer on the sun terrace or among the wonderful flowers in the inner courtyard of the Hotel Villa Auguste Viktoria. It goes without saying that hearty dishes and select wines are also served.

Classic Conditorei & Café Röntgen
in Hotel Villa Auguste Viktoria
Bismarckstr. 1-2 in 17419 Seebad Ahlbeck
Phone +49 38378 2410

Participate in the creativity and competence of our kitchen staff, who only use fresh local produce of the finest quality. A wide variety of culinary delicacies are freshly prepared and presented before your eyes in the show kitchen of our restaurant. The homely lodge, complete with fireplace, can be used for both romantic candle-lit dinners as well as small celebrations or festivities. In fine weather, you can relax in the comfort of our wicker XXL beach chairs whilst enjoying both your meal and the fresh air of the Baltic Sea on our outdoor terrace.

Dünenstraße 48
17419 Seebad Ahlbeck
Tel. +49 38378 4994921

Coming soon in DAS AHLBECK HOTEL & SPA:

  • Nikolausmarkt from 07. to 09.12.2018 – more info
  • Neujahrsbrunch on 01.01.2019 – more info
  • Kulinarische Rundreise on 02.03.2019 – more info
  • Frühlingserwachen on 23.03.2019 – more info

Kulinarik 3 Kaiserbädern Ahlbeck • Heringsdorf • Bansin

MARC O’POLO opened its first ever concept store, the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO`, in Heringsdorf on the Baltic island of Usedom. Inspired by the German seaside resort’s historic beachside clubhouse, built in 1897 during its days as an Imperial Spa, the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO` revives the original period idea of a seaside department store, combining casual fashion and contemporary lifestyle ideas, all complemented by a restaurant area. Inside the MARC O’POLO BEACH ARCADE, the shop itself is one of the true highlights, offering all the flair of a belle époque seaside resort with discernible Scandinavian roots, combining the inspiring influences of the Baltic sea with the brand’s Swedish background. Tom Wickboldt beeing in charge of cuisine in the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO`, one of Germany’s top chefs with over 20 years of experience and several stints at Michelin-starred restaurants behind him.

The centrepieces of his food concept are O’NE, an eatery featuring regional dishes with a contemporary twist, and an exclusive gourmet restaurant working with global influences, THE O’ROOM. Private venues can be held in the VINO´, the premium O’DELI foodshop rounds off the MARC O’POLO  STRANDCASINO` eating options.  With this one-of-a-kind combination of fashion, lifestyle, and food, the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO`,  is surely the centre of the Heringsdorf seaside promenade.

MARC O´POLO Strandcasino´
Kulmstraße 33 | Ecke Strandpromenade
17424 Seebad Heringsdorf
Restaurant Tel. 038378 183912
Marc O´Polo Store Tel. 038378 183911

Here some highlights of the culinary calendar: 

As the herring migration starts in spring, the “Usedom Herring Weeks” begin. Restaurants on the whole island participate in this event and they conjure up herring menus which melt in one’s mouth. The most original herring dish gets even an award, the golden herring cup.

Every year, on the Saturday after the Ascension Thursday, the top cooks of the “3 Seaside Resorts” come up with a truly unique gourmet event: the Grand Schlemm. Epicures of fancy culinary experience meet up in order to taste a 10

dishes menu, strolling along the beach between the piers in Ahlbeck and Bansin. This is a maritime feast on the highest level. The sea swoosh is included. You can sample it at

The autumn in the “3 Seaside Resorts” is dominated by the “Wild Weeks”. The multitude of wild animals on the island causes the delivery of fresh game meat to the kitchens and restaurants, which enriches the menu cards with game meat specialties, that are 100% bio. More information at