You walk with a GPS-device, a mobile phone or a compass through streets and forests. Your eyes keep roaming concentrated and incessantly over trees, houses’ walls, lamp posts, garden fences, they even rummage through the grass on the meadow – they are constantly looking for a piece of advice about the next hiding place.

Geocaching – the modern treasure hunt – is getting very popular also in the “3 Seaside Resorts”. The aim is to find caches, a sort of container, with help of its coordinates, which are published in the internet. Mostly they are hidden in unusual places. In the containers there is a log book, which the finder signs when he finds the cache, and a small treasure, which he can take away or exchange for something else. The primary motto of geocaching is: the journey is the reward. Besides that there are only few rules. When somebody finds a cache he has to sign the log in the log book and log the cache found.

The “3 Seaside Resorts” did even think up an own tour and they’ve put caches on its way. The electronic treasure hunt leads through Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin also to less known places, where you can find out interesting information about people and history. Geocachers, with maps for every of the “3 Seaside Resorts”, are on the way on their own and they sometimes have to solve pretty tricky tasks. The GPS-devices are provided by the Seaside Resorts and you may lend them for a 5 € fee. Besides that you have to leave a 20 € deposit and a copy of your identity card.

The “3 Seaside Resorts” offer also the possibility of geocaching small team competitions. Ten additional caches are being hidden for this purpose. They contain some chips with different colours. The colours have got different values. Each team can take only one chip from a cache it founds. At the end of the competition the teams receive points according to the colours of their chips. The team with most points wins. It is great fun for young and old people.


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