Holiday with your Dog

Holiday with your Dog





Doggy Rules

in the 3 Imperial Seaside Resorts

  1. Four-legged friends are not allowed in guest beds.
  2. The close relationship between dog owner and dog should be proved by the lead.
  3. The promenade may be used by everyone.
  4. Of course your dog can go to the beach. He has even got his own playground – the dog beach!
  5. Barking as an expression of joy is welcome anywhere. Please take notice of the nighttime regulations for rest and sleep.
  6. Yappers are not very popular
  7. Ppossible biters should wear a muzzle!
  8. We recommend a morning walk away from the “imperial promenade” for “number 2s”.
  9. An accident can happen anywhere. DOGGIE BAGS are a hygenic solution – you may pick them up at the tourist information offices for free.
  10. The Baltic Sea is not a doggy toilet…because nothing works in water. Firstly, there are no trees and secondly the four-legged friends can’t bury things…A consolation for the very frightened.

…And what is going to say your dog about it? Nothing!
He is going to sniff the garbage that his two-legged contemporaries have just thrown away not caring about it.






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