How to get here

How to get to the “3 Seaside Resorts”

by plane

The blue Baltic sea as far as the eyes can see. In front of it widens a shining white and almost endless beach, and behind it the deeply green of the forests and meadows. The Usedom island is an adventure also from the air. That’s how already the flight to the island becomes the beginning of your holiday. You may fly to the Usedom island in a comfortable way using the Heringsdorf airport.

You can get information about the flight connections and the eventualities of direct ticket booking at or

... by train

You can come by train to the Usedom island from anywhere in Germany. InterCity trains from Hamburg and Berlin, and also regional trains, arrive to the stations in Stralsund and Züssow. From here you have got the UBB connecting trains, which take you to through the Wolgast bascule bridge along the coast to every resort on the island, including the Polish city of Świnoujście. From Zinnowitz the UBB trains bring you also to the northern part of the island, to Peenemünde.

You can plan your train travel to Usedom, by using the journey planner from the Deutsche Bahn at The schedules and ticket information of the UBB are available at

by car

You can get very close to the island itself by using the Baltic Sea Motorway A20 if coming from Hamburg or Berlin. Two bridges connect the island to the mainland.

For everyone coming from Hamburg or intending to reach the northern part of the island (Peenemünde, Karlshagen, Trassenheide, Zinnowitz), it is recommended to use the impressive Wolgast bridge, which is also called “the blue wonder”. At the Lübeck interchange you have to take the A20 to Rostock. At the exit 27 to Gützkow/Wolgast you take the A-road B111 to Wolgast and further to the Usedom island.

If you are coming from Berlin or you want to reach the southern part of the island, including the Seaside Resorts, you drive along the motorway A11 till exit 5. Then you take the A20 in the direction Lübeck/Stralsund. You drive on the Baltic Sea Motorway until exit 28 Anklam/InselUsedom. Then you have to take the A-road B110 to Anklam, and further through the Zecherin bascule bridge, to the Usedom island.

Bridges opening times for boat traffic

Bridge “Peenebrücke“ in Wolgast

07:45 (from March till October)
08:45 (from October till March)
23:45 (from May till October)

Bascule bridge in Zecherin

05:45 (from April till Steptember)
20:45 (from April till September)

Opening times of the bridges for
a maximum of 15 minutes for shipping.

by bus

Usedom is wanted. That’s why more and more bus operators provide bus connections to the Usedom island from many German cities.

From Hamburg you can arrive to the Seaside Resorts with the UBB buses. Outbound journeys are on Fridays, inbound journeys on Saturdays.
More information at

From Berlin the UBB provides two bus lines to the Seaside Resorts – one via Anklam, and the other via Rostock Laage: Outbound and inbound journeys on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
More information about the line Berlin-Anklam-Usedom at:

From May till September you may reach the “3 Seaside Resorts” on the Usedom island using the “Usedom Express” from Zwickau/Marienberg via Chemnitz and Dresden. Outbound and inbound journeys on Saturdays.
More information at