Ride your bike

Active on your bike

Only slowing down lets you feel real relaxation. And real enjoyment. That’s why it is not a surprise, that bicycles are one of the favourite means of transport on Usedom. By bike you can discover the island best and also far away from traffic jams and stress. And on different routes than the motorized four-wheelers. Some idyllic landscapes or quite corners might be also accessible only by foot or by bike. Even if mountain lovers might laugh about the gentle hillocks of the “Usedom’s Switzerland” – because they aren’t higher than 60 metres – they shouldn’t be underestimating them. That’s because they compare suddenly and they usually have a demanding ascent. But the view over the wide landscape rewards every effort. And for people, who like being pushed, there are still electric bicycles.

There are almost 200 kilometres of bike paths on the Usedom island. From the longest promenade in Europe, which leads from Bansin via Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck to the Polish city of Świnoujście, there are good connections to the Korswandt hillocks or to the cliff. The “Vineta” or “Krebssee” tours, the “Lyonel-Feininger” ride or the “Small Usedom Journey” – on these and on many other tours there are a lot of things you can find out.

And what if your legs get suddenly tired? Then there are many opportunities to linger on the way, either in order to fill up with some energy by having a delicious home-made piece of cake in one of the small café-gardens, or to find some refreshment in the Baltic Sea, or to visit medieval churches or modern art exhibitions or just in order to enjoy the nature.

If someone left his own bicycle at home, he can hire one at one of the many bicycle rentals. Besides trekking bikes you can also hire tandem or electric bicycles. Some hotels and holiday apartments provide their own bike rental services. Very popular are also the bicycles “Usedom Rad”. That’s because you can hire such a bicycle at one of the over 100 stations by using a SMS-code. And when your will to discover the island is over, you can give it back at any station you want. Eventually tomorrow is another day, and you can discover the island on the saddle again.