Let the fresh wind blow in your head. Take a deep breath of the fresh and salty air. Already the ancient Greeks knew, that the sea has a positive influence on one’s well-being and health. The therapeutic effects of the sea were appreciated already in the antiquity and used in healing applications. No wonder then, that the word “thalassa” comes from the Greek language. And it simply means “the sea”. But it contains a lot more…

Thalassotherapy comprises pretty much everything that comes from the sea or has to do with the sea and it’s good for one’s health. Nevertheless, thalassotherapy is not a miracle-therapy, but an integral natural healing with binding quality criteria. Thalassotherapy may be offered only in places, where there are the natural conditions for it. The Usedom island is a perfect place for it, because here there is sea without an end.

For special treatments of the thalassotherapy also the presence at this place of a balneologist, masseur and therapists. Among the treatments there are applications of cold or warmed sea water, compresses or massages with seaweed, silt or sand. And obviously also the precious combination of motion in the fresh sea air, which is enriched with iodine and trace elements, and the positive effects of the sun is being used.

Thalassotherapy helps not only in case of rheumatic-, respiratory tracts- or skin diseases, but it also opposes some stress-symptoms in the wellness or beauty area. So that you can start again full of energy after thalassotherapy-holiday. In the “3 Seaside Resorts” special thalassotherapy-treatments are being offered in the thermal bath “OstseeTherme Usedom”and in some hotels.



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