The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea

Sometimes with a great wave crest, sometimes as smooth as glass or as a polished metal plate, sometimes bubbling, foaming and with humans’ height waves, and sometimes frozen with the gelid Northeast wind: the Baltic Sea. It never looks the same way.

It is like a moody lover. They say. Exactly like her steady companion: the weather. When in the morning the sky over the Baltic Sea is grey, it still doesn’t mean that the day has fallen through, because the sun loves the island. With over 2,000 sunshine hours a year the sun shines here more than anywhere else in Germany. That’s why sun cream is a must for every sun worshipper. One thing is sure: At least once a day, even if only for a short while, you’ll be able to have a look at the sun. Deep-rooted fans of the island don’t really bother the moody weather. That’s how it looks like on the island. It doesn’t matter if barefoot or in wellingtons, swimming trunks or wrapped up warmly – life at the sea is special and every day differs from each other.

And when you take deep breaths of the fresh Baltic Sea air, you take care of your respiratory tracts and of your skin, because the wind blows minerals and iodine from the seawater, finely sprayed by the waves. It’s called the “breaker aerosol”. It stimulates the metabolism and the cardiovascular system, it provides internal calmness, happiness and a composure, typical for this island. The Baltic Sea makes you happy.

During a windless day the sea reveals its crystal-clear submarine world, which is visible until the sand from all the piers. The top purity of the Baltic Sea water and the beaches in the Health Resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin is proved through the yearly given award of the blue flag by the German Foundation for Environmental Education.

Is there anything more exciting than simply let yourself go in the sea waves on a hot summer day? And if small sandcastle-builders, sand explorers or a shell gatherers forget where the beach chair of mom and dad is, boys and girls from the rescue service of the German Red Cross will help them to find their parents. That’s because also the rescue service is awarded with a blue flag. So that enjoying the Baltic Sea remains an enjoyment, which you will never have enough of.



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