In 1866 – during the Seven Weeks’ War between Prussia and Austria – the Prussian crown princess Victoria (1840–1901, Princess Royal and the first child of Queen Victoria of England) stayed in Heringsdorf. Her fourth child, Sigismund, had died shortly before from meningitis at the age of 21 months.

Still grieving and far from the battlefields in Bohemia, she made an excursion accompanied by servants to this hitherto nameless, 53 metre elevation in the forest between Neu Sallenthin and Sellin.

In memory of the battle of Königgrätz of 4 July and her visit of 17 July 1866, Victoria, who from 1888 was the Queen of Prussia and Empress of Germany, planted a fir tree at this spot. These events are recalled by a cast iron plate inset in a sculpted boulder.

150 years later, in 2016, two ilex trees were planted in commemoration by the Ahlbeck · Heringsdorf · Bansin Historical Society.

Kronprinzessin Victoria Porträt von Franz Xaver Winterhalter 1867

'Batterie der Toten' Schlacht bei Königgrätz 1866 Historiengemälde von Václav Sochor 1907